Curriculum Subject Overview

The curriculum is at the heart of our vision for education. We believe all our pupils are entitled to a broad, balanced curriculum, so we won’t make assumptions, excuses, or lower the bar. Instead, our school will provide an exceptional learning environment, within which pupils will be empowered and supported to achieve extraordinary outcomes.

Our curriculum will ensure pupils are prepared for a fulfilling life, including the opportunity to go to a great university and pursue the career of their choice. To achieve this, we will teach an academic, knowledge-rich curriculum enhanced by an entitlement to enrichment for all.

The quality of our curriculum and teaching will be crucial in achieving the big ambitions we have for the school to become a national beacon of excellence and for pupils to be nurtured and make unrivalled progress.

Our curriculum will have the following features:

  • An intensive focus on the basics of maths and English, including effective and timely support for those who need it
  • An academic, knowledge-rich curriculum for all including science, the humanities, languages (including modern languages and Latin), art, computing, drama, music and PE
  • A focus on reading including time spent reading for pleasure collectively as a tutor group each day
  • A comprehensive timetable of enrichment opportunities built into the school day, including inclusive sporting opportunities
  • Music For All – all pupils taught to read music and play an instrument from Year 7
  • Enhanced support for pupils with lower attendance
  • A focus on preparing every single pupil to attend a good university
  • A longer school day, including supervised “prep” time each day for all pupils to complete their homework in a quiet, focused environment