Travel Guidance


In order to ensure the safety of everyone at our school and on the Kingsland Campus, it would be very much appreciated if all parents and students could read this brief guidance on their arrival and departure from school each day and follow the routes of entry and exit as set out on the attached map.

• Arrival and departure on foot. – We expect the majority of our students to arrive and depart from our school on foot where they live in closer proximity to our premises. Students and parents are asked to arrive and depart using the campus entrance nearest to the temporary site (Marked A on the attached map).

• Arrival and departure on bicycle. – For students who wish to travel to and from the school by bicycle, they should entre and leave the site by the same route as pedestrians using the entrance to the campus (Marked A on the attached map). Students with bicycles MUST dismount and walk with their bicycle BEFORE entering the campus. (The entrance marked A on the attached map carries numerous taxis and minibuses for students attending the neighbouring Chiltern School and in order to ensure safety of all road users, it is absolutely essential that students take due care when approaching the temporary school site, that they use the designated crossing points and they keep to footpaths and pavements at all times.) A limited number of bicycle stands are available at the temporary site to the right of the main entrance as indicated on the map.

• Arrival by car. – Where students plan to arrive at the temporary school site by car, they MUST NOT approach the site by means of the campus entrance that is closest to the school (Marked A on the map) and MUST instead arrive in the campus via the eastern entrance (Marked B on the map) and drive up to the drop off zone (Where there are 3 marked spaces). Students should leave their vehicles in the drop off zone with utmost care and walk round to the temporary site via the designated route marked on the attached map and which will be marked by white lines and crossing points. It is absolutely essential that parents DO NOT use the entrance nearest to the school as this will cause enormous disruption to essential traffic and parents will find it extremely difficult to leave the site if they attempt to enter by this entrance.

• Departure from the school – Pedestrians, cyclists and those using vehicles should follow the same route of exit as they have used for arrival at the school in the morning. Parents who are picking their children up in the drop off zone should queue on the approach to the drop off zone and drive very slowly and carefully as they leave the area and drive towards the campus exit.

If, at any time, you identify any issues with the routes to the temporary school site and, in particular, if you identify any situation which gives rise to concern over safety, please report this to the school at the earliest opportunity or advise a member of staff. At times of arrival and departure at the beginning and end of the school day, we will endeavour to deploy staff as much as possible at key crossing points as well as the campus and school entrances.

Many thanks for your help and assistance with the school’s processes for arrival and departure. With you help, we can help to ensure that students, staff and members of the public remain safe on the roads in and around the campus.