Multi Academy Trust

Advantage Schools

Advantage Schools is an ambitious School Trust that is located in Bedford and Central Bedfordshire.

Formed in April 2017, we run Elstow School and Bedford Free School. We are finalising a third school joining us, and we have approval for another new school as well as Houstone School, which we are opening in September 2022.

We believe very strongly in our values of Aspiration, Respect, and Honesty, which guide everything we do.

We exist to serve our communities – the pupils and families of Bedford and Central Bedfordshire – in order to offer a real choice of education. We specialise in an academic education that offers excellent outcomes, a great learning environment with routines and structures that ensure excellent behaviour, and phenomenal extra-curricular opportunities.

We are delighted to run one of only 22 ‘Behaviour hubs’ in England. This is where we share our excellent practice and support and challenge other schools to manage behaviour better. We believe that children should be able to learn uninterrupted by distractions or poor behaviour.

Our schools are genuinely comprehensive, and we believe that every child can go on to achieve extraordinary things.

We ensure that our curriculum is rich in knowledge, we expect hard work, and we do not make excuses. We believe in working together with families to support our high expectations that meet young peoples’ aspirations. Every pupil should have the option to go to university at 18, and for the vast majority this should be the choice of highly-selective universities. We hence craft our curriculum around the core knowledge contained in traditional academic subjects. We believe all of our pupils have a right to the assumed knowledge that educated people take for granted, and aspire to ensure that all of our pupils join the community of educated citizens.

To support all of our schools, we currently employ a large team. Some of these roles are based in one school and support other schools. Others work across all of our schools. The roles are:

  • Chief Executive
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Director of Education
  • Senior Finance Officer
  • Director of maths
  • Director of English
  • Inclusion and behaviour lead
  • Director of community and partnerships
  • Estates manager
  • Data manager

We are outward-facing, sharing all of what we do with other trusts, professionals and anyone who is interested.

Above all, we believe that our education system and schools can improve further, and we work with families, school staff and collaborate with other schools in an effort to prove it, and to serve our families.


At Advantage Schools, we are determined that all pupils should be able to attend university at age 18, including the most selective universities.

Guided by our values of Aspiration, Respect and Honesty, we believe pupils should be given the knowledge and character to make a difference in their community and their lives. The expert teaching and support teams at Advantage Schools are determined that our pupils get the very best provision.

If it is not good enough for my own three children, it is not good enough for us at Advantage Schools. This guides every decision we make, including our recruitment of staff.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any questions or queries.

With very best wishes,

Stuart Lock

Please click here for the Advantage Schools Annual Report – 2021