At Houstone School, we believe that all pupils need to study hard in lessons and outside of lessons to reach their aspirational goals. Homework will be different based on whether pupils are KS3 or KS4.

KS3 Homework (Years 7, 8 and 9)

KS3 homework focuses on self-quizzing from the 100% books, which contains all the key knowledge for each subject, and using an exercise book which is the child’s ‘self quizzing’ book. This will ensure pupils have all the key knowledge ready to use in their lessons and will improve learning in lessons. Occasionally teachers may set work in addition to self-quizzing.

KS4 homework (Year 10 and 11)

At KS4, pupils will use self-quizzing as described in the KS3 Homework section above, but you will also be set additional homework as decided by their teachers. For example, you might need to write an essay in 12 English or complete a reading task for Spanish. You will get approximately 1 hour of homework per 13 subject, per week.

Sparx & Seneca

For Maths homework, pupils use an online platform called Sparx Maths and for science they use Seneca. Pupils will be told what to complete by their Maths and science teachers. The expectation is that pupils spend at least an hour on each per week.  If pupils are unable to use a computer at home to complete this homework, they can use the IT room G6 every day after school from 4-5pm. This room is also available most break and lunchtimes for homework completion.

Please click link here How to Self Quiz for more information on completing homework.