Principal Designate Appointed

Principal Designate Appointed

Elizabeth English to lead Houstone School

Following a rigorous two-day interview process, Advantage Schools is delighted to announce that Elizabeth English has been appointed as the Principal Designate of Houstone School.

Currently Vice Principal at the hugely successful Harris St Johns Wood in London, Ms English brings an excellent track record of high expectations, rigour and commitment.

Ms English will take up her post in April to prepare for the school opening in September 2022 and will work closely with Advantage Schools to ensure that all necessary preparations are taken and the school will be one of the very best.

Stuart Lock, Chief Executive, said:

Elizabeth English was the stand-out candidate for this role, and shone through in an exceptionally strong field. In Ms English we have appointed someone who will do a fantastic job. This appointment is a big step to ensuring that Houstone School will be academic and disciplined.

We could not have wished for a more suitable, well-qualified Principal Designate. I am delighted! We know that some families in Houghton Regis feel let down by some things that have happened in the past, and we are determined to play our part in ensuring a much brighter future for local young people. We look forward to introducing Ms English to the families that we will serve from September 2022.” 

Elizabeth English, Principal Designate, said:

It is an honour to be appointed as the Founding Principal of Houstone School and I am very much looking forward to getting started in my new role.  The families of Houghton Regis and beyond are so deserving of an excellent school and I am fully committed to delivering this objective for their children. I believe in students being happy, safe and successful at school, with access to an aspirational academic curriculum.  With the benefit of the new building and facilities currently under construction, we will be able to offer high quality sports and arts electives outside of the classroom for all.   

One of my first priorities is to recruit the excellent staff that will help shape the school and ensure the students are able to achieve their very best. I am determined to find the best teachers and will be advertising for these posts in the coming months.  

I am really looking forward to meeting all children and their families in the run-up to our opening in September 2022 and working closely with the community to build a truly world-class school.”

Houstone School (pronounced “How-stone” after the historic name of Houghton Regis) will open in September 2022 on the Kingsland site in Houghton Regis. It will accept pupils in years 7, 8, 9 and 10. Whilst initial applications for places in year 7 closed at the end of October, there are very limited spaces to be allocated in the late application round. Applications for years 8, 9 and 10 will open later in the year.

There will be an opportunity to meet Ms English, the new Principal, in due course. Families and parents should sign up to the Houstone School updates to be kept informed, and they can do this via our website or emailing on [email protected].

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