Our Response

Covid-19 Pandemic and Partial School Closures
We are all experiencing the impact of Covid-19

This page was originally created during the first national lockdown to share our practice in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. We appreciate that school leaders are continuing to face significant challenges, so we are continuing to make these resources available in the hope they are of use to others. 

In these unprecedented times, we recognise that all school and trust leaders are working exceptionally hard under very difficult circumstances to support and safeguard the communities they care for so deeply.  The executive team at Advantage Schools have felt exceptionally fortunate to work with a highly supportive group of trustees and governors and collaborative school leaders who have consistently gone above and beyond all expectations, and we know many other school leaders feel equally supported by their team.

We are also aware that there is the potential for many school leaders to feel isolated and overwhelmed in these uncertain times. We are an outward-facing trust, and we believe effective collaboration enables school leaders to be more efficient through sharing good practice and working together.

Links to our documents and planning tools

Risk Assessments

You can access editable risk assessments for each phase below. Please note, the schools in our trust have their own risk assessments, which are live documents, reviewed on a regular basis. The documents below are samples only, and should not be considered to represent the current version in place in a particular school:

Sample primary risk assessment

Sample secondary risk assessment

Educational Resources


Our remote learning handbook is designed to support all educational staff with the transition to remote learning and was written and shared in the early stages of partial school closure. It offers guidance on remote learning platforms, effective remote learning practice and supports with curriculum review and adaptation in the light of partial school closure:

Advantage Schools Remote Learning Handbook for education staff

Training materials

Extracts from our online training module on effective remote teaching can be accessed here:

Video: Using a phone as a visualiser

Video: Using electronic interactive whiteboards

Video: Facilitating and transitioning to independent work

From the archive: Education updates

These updates were shared throughout lockdown to support staff in engaging effectively with professional learning whilst working from home, and provide direction and support with educational planning and resourcing.

Each update signposts some of the best available online professional learning opportunities as well as providing guidance on key decisions, such as curriculum planning and prioritising workload.

These may still prove useful to anyone engaging with curriculum review, or looking for a sequenced approach to managing curriculum conversations:


PL Update 1

PL Update 2

PL Update 3

PL Update 4

PL Update 5

PL Update 6

PL Update 7

PL Update 8

Case Studies - Adaptations to lessons and curriculum plans in response to the pandemic
Blogs and Webinars

The following blogs and webinars from Advantage Schools staff were written or produced during the pandemic. Some relate to the individual’s personal or school response to the pandemic and its impact, others have been shared to support the professional development of the wider education community:

Curriculum development

Blog: How should we review our curriculum and why should we even try?

Case study: The DfE have published this on our review of curriculum planning in response to the pandemic

Summary: The DFE have published planning what to teach in school, including interview comments with our Director of Education

School Leadership

Blog: Gloves off: school leadership in uncertain times

Blog: Sallie Stanton for Ambition Institute’s Leadership Series: Adapting Our Curriculum


Blog: Exams Must Go Ahead in 2021

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